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In the beginning of 2016, HBCa was founded by the previous designer of backpack brand

MEI(www. mei-huntingtonbeach.com) and MEI OCEAN(www.meiocean.com).

we are located in the beautiful surf city, Huntington Beach, California.
Our logo captures the iconic pier of Huntington Beach. Our inspiration and vision come from this magnificent city that we live in. The SoCal vibe and outdoor lifestyle that surrounds it inspire us to design our backpacks for everyone who just genuinely enjoys everyday life.

The backpack plays such an important part of your life. Whether it’s to class, work, or a weekend trip, it goes along with you on your personal adventure of life. Design, size, color, shape, the type of backpack you carry not only expresses who you are but shows what you’re about.That’s why we make sure our backpacks not only exceed exceptional quality, but also have the style that stands out in a crowd so you can be your unique self!

We hope you make our backpacks a part of your personal life and love them as much as we do!